RSA Encryption Algorithm: Complimentary Colors & Trapdoors

Figuring out a brief way to explain how & why the RSA encryption algorithm works was a daunting task. My goal was to find a balance between a rigorous 2+ hour technical explanation (for this I’d suggest Dan Boneh’s crypto course) and a simplified intuitive example.  I came up… with the idea to use complimentary colors to explain inverse keys. This required the use of Blender to simulate lighting using CGI as real lights would have been a serious headache:

This video introduces Euclid, Euler, time complexity, prime factorization, trapdoor one-way functions and a few other fun details.

The software we made for the video to demonstrate time complexity is here (play with it!)

2 Responses to “RSA Encryption Algorithm: Complimentary Colors & Trapdoors”

  1. Erik Anderson Says:

    Brit – Looking over the Academy… LOVE IT!! Recently attained my teaching license in N.C… assumed an abandoned classroom last year in December… change in things at the end of the year left me with no position for this school year… still in ‘Free Agency’… uuuhhhggg… Noticed the brief about your two VCRs… Do you have any great websites which demonstrate how to tape/splice vidoe-making?? I’m 45 years old… my tech skills are not so great. p.s. My Dad’s cousin was a professor at McGill… he claims it’s the Greatest School in the Universe… sooo… Khan Academy has something to shoot for, I guess!! Thanks. Erik

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