Brit’s Bellochetta-Cotto

This is a creation I came up with last week to blend my love of bruschetta, Balsamic steamed Portobello mushrooms, Prosciutto and Pizza.

Step 1. Chop and mix Onion, Red Pepper, Ripe Tomatoes. Season to tab.jpgste.

Step 2. Heat up a frying pan to MAX heat, with butter and oil. Once hot, toss in mushrooms and Sauté–adding a dash or 3 of Balsamic vinegar.

Step 3.After 5 min or so add your bruschetta mix to the pan.

c.jpgStep 4.Sauté ingredients (season) together for 2 or 3 minutes. NOTE: this step is not needed; I noticed it causes the flavors to blend and absorb into the mushroom meat. This offers a different taste, yet it dillutes the contrasting flavors of traditional Bruschetta.

Step 5.  Add all your ingredients onto Focaccia . Then top with slices of shaved Prosciutto and feta cheese (I also added thinly sliced Mozzarella to mix).

Step 6. Bake on HIGH (400+) for 10min……Then serve:


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