Pianos n’ Cellos


Here is a recent photo of my favorite string quartet, — The mighty ‘Del Sol Quartet’ in action. My cousin Hanna plays the Cello with great passion. Go to their website and order their CD now, I highly reccomend it. It’s always cool to support those who not only need, but overwhelmingly deserve support.


I’m now on Bar 9 (week 2/52) of Prelude In C# Minor – I’m really starting to feel the strain on my hands. Sergei Rachmaninoff could span 12 inches with his hands (full ruler length), my hands can barley grasp this mornings coffee mug.



Recent Book Recommendation: 

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

This was written by Neil Postman and says so much I’ve always known or felt, yet been unable to verbalize with such a simple, obvious and profound theory. 9/10.

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