Understanding the Probability of Dice, Visually

Just finished an animation segment for Art of the Problem which helps explain the concept of probability space and how it applies to dice. Great for anyone who hasn’t thought/heard of a probability space:

3 Responses to “Understanding the Probability of Dice, Visually”

  1. This is great! But not the way odds are commonly defined (in the USA, at least). I think you meant probabilities.

    Odds are generally defined as

    (number of favorable outcomes) : (number of unfavorable outcomes).

    So, if the odds of something are a:b, the probability will be a/(a+b).

    Still, I will probably be showing this in my stats class.

    • britcruise Says:

      Hey Alison!

      Thanks for your feedback. Are you a teacher? If so I’d love to hear how your class responds. Yes, I used “odds” in this case to attract attention of people interested in games.
      You are correct though, I should label this Probability…

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