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2000 years of Cryptography in 8.5 minutes

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This video covers this history of Cryptography through the lens of Cryptanalysis. It takes us from the Caesar Cipher to the one-time pad…a daunting task in 8 minutes. My strategy for this was based on much reflection after completing a course in Cryptography last year…I was seeking out the kernel of what is required to understand the big picture. This brought me to analogies which connect the idea of a fingerprint to unique frequency distribution, and information leak to differentials in the distribution. Hopefully this lends some intuitive weight when I explain the strength of the one-time pad…which is a lovely concept.

Randomness of coin flip vs human guess

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You may have heard that humans are not “good” at generating randomness. This video explains why a coin flip is very different from a guess….


Understanding the Probability of Dice, Visually

Posted in Video / Theatre with tags , , , , , , on August 26, 2008 by Brit Cruise

Just finished an animation segment for Art of the Problem which helps explain the concept of probability space and how it applies to dice. Great for anyone who hasn’t thought/heard of a probability space: