It’s ALIVE – Robotic Drummer Interacts With Humans!


After months of design and construction between myself & Mike Vance, we’ve designed and created a machine we never thought possible…..A robotic musician which can interact with human players. Our Intelligent Robotic Percussion system was presented at the Engineering Design Presentations at the NRC research facility this past Friday. Our system had never been operational until 9 hours before the presentation, we were a hair’s breadth away and ready to finally give up….

Then, When it functioned properly for the first time at 10:48pm – it was right out of frankenstien. It sprung to life, tapping away at various tempos, performing beat induction and creating dynamic drum patterns. We dropped everything and brought it into our music room, set it up and jammed with a robotic partner, which we created ourselves, for the very first time. It was unbelievably fun and interactive…


The following morning we packed up our equipment, drove it to NRC and set up – The tensions were very high…5 min into our presentation we were relieved to see that it was still working flawlessly, as it did the night before. We jammed away to a technical panel of judges:


Video of it in action:

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