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The making of Pixar in a Box

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In early 2014 Tony DeRose (Senior Scientist and Lead of the Research Group at Pixar Animation Studios ) and Elyse Klaidman (Director of Pixar University and Archives) approached Khan Academy with an idea. They wanted to answer a question everyone asks in school at some point: “Why do I need to learn this?” Previously, Tony had given talks which try and engage children in mathematics by demonstrating how math lives at the intersection of design and technology at Pixar. It was clear that you could motivate kids to learn math and science by showing them how concepts they encounter in school are used at Pixar to make movie magic… Continue reading

Magic in the classroom: teaching our ancestors

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When I have an idea for how to teach something I always ask myself if it’s the best way to teach a distant, yet equally intelligent, ancestor…

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Khan Academy and Brit Cruise join forces

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Today I have some very exciting news. Over the holidays Sal Khan from Khan Academy expressed interest in my videos after viewing my YouTube page (which was a project I initially launched on Kickstarter). The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational organization with the goal of educating the world for free (with some serious funding help from Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation). They are a small team with a big dream. Within 8 hours of his phone call I quit my job(s)…as of this moment I am working for Khan Academy. My job? “Continue making your videos”. I look forward to some exciting collaborations…and maybe hybrid exercise-video adventures! Here is the first video I delivered to Khan.

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Gambling with Secrets – Pilot Episode

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Finally, here are the opening chapters of the Art of the Problem pilot I’ve been working on:

Gambling with Secrets


It’s ALIVE – Robotic Drummer Interacts With Humans!

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After months of design and construction between myself & Mike Vance, we’ve designed and created a machine we never thought possible…..A robotic musician which can interact with human players. Our Intelligent Robotic Percussion system was presented at the Engineering Design Presentations at the NRC research facility this past Friday. Our system had never been operational until 9 hours before the presentation, we were a hair’s breadth away and ready to finally give up….

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Time & The River

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This weekend I was awarded ‘Best Student Short’ at the London Canadian Film Festival for ‘Time & The River’. This work was also inducted into the Canadian National Screen Institute short film collection (link)

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