Khan Academy Labs: Exploratory Exercises

One of the most exciting aspects of joining the Khan Academy team, was the potential to explore new ways of integrating video and software. As a new faculty member, I hope to deliver mini-courses as journeys. These journeys expose a user to a chain of concepts, ultimately leading to a field of study they will be encouraged to explore!

Instead of having the user answer questions after each video, I realized it would be beneficial to have them visually explore key concepts in real-time through exploratory exercises (Brett Victor does this brilliantly). I see this as a vital analysis phase in the experience; the salient aspects are powerful learning mechanism. Perhaps it’s because I grew up playing Will Wright’s video games that I was never a fan of right or wrong answers. Instead, the rewards are a result of your own discoveries:

The original Sim City

With the help of David Sissitka (one of the many awesome volunteers who kick in @ Khan Academy) I was able to deliver some initial demos within 3 days of conceiving the idea:

Do you think you can mimic a coin flip?

Have you ever seen your frequency fingerprint in real-time?

Check out the first two (of many) explorations which are intended to supplement the journey into cryptography series. This is just the first step in what I hope will be a long and exciting experiment in education:

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  1. “Khan Academy Labs: Exploratory Exercises Brit Cruise” truly enables myself contemplate a tiny bit further.

    I really treasured each and every individual portion of it.

    Thanks for your effort -Jessie

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