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Intelligent Robotic Percussion System (Drumming Robot)

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Below are the first live tests of robot 1.0 (Duncan Storey on Guitar):

Most musical robots systems focus simply on sound production (Mechanically reproducing a set of static instructions) and rarely address perceptual aspects of musicianship, such as listening, analysis, improvisation, or modification of human input. Our project aims to create a device that “listens” to a human player and responds dynamically.

We designed this (robotic drummer) system as educational and research device which makes use of interdisciplinary collaboration (Drawing from music, computer science, engineering and cognitive psychology)

Below is another video outlining some of the capabilities of this drumming robot:

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Self Organizing Systems –

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Autonomous Networks, Traffic Control and Intelligent Agents

Brit Cruise

Autonomous, self-organizing, adaptive systems

A popular question in physics, chemistry and biology is “where does order come from?”. The general laws of thermodynamics tell us that systems will follow the path of least resistance to dissipate any energy they contain. Eventually the system finds its lowest energy state and will remain in equilibrium until acted upon by an outer force.

Yet in nature we can observe many systems that maintain a high internal energy and organization which seems to defy the general laws of physics. An ant grows from a singled celled zygote into a complex multi cellular organism, and then participates in a highly structured hive society. What is so fascinating is that the organization seems to emerge spontaneously from disordered conditions. The laws that may govern this self-organizing behavior are not well understood, if they exist at all. It is clear that this non-linear process is based on positive and negative feedback loops among components at the lowest level. Continue reading

Winter Memorandums

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Winter Pyjama Jam at the

Alex P. Keaton:

Ali – Rhodes

Brit – Piano

Arron – Drum

Cam – Drum/Guitar

Jordan – Tamborine


Pianos n’ Cellos

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Here is a recent photo of my favorite string quartet, — The mighty ‘Del Sol Quartet’ in action. My cousin Hanna plays the Cello with great passion. Go to their website and order their CD now, I highly reccomend it. It’s always cool to support those who not only need, but overwhelmingly deserve support.


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