Brit Cruise

This site is intended as a time capsule. It contains current & past research, experiments and multimedia projects. Contact me:

I love creating experiences. Sometimes they educate.

I studied both Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario & McGill. I spent some time in the consulting industry doing algorithm design using probabilistic and graph theoretic techniques.

In early 2011 I launched an educational series titled: Art of the Problem on Kickstarter. This lead to an ongoing web series: Artoftheproblem.

I joined Khan Academy Jan 2012 – with 20 or so amazing people. I eventually developed lessons on Cryptography, Information TheoryScience Discoveries, Math Warmups and experimented with narrative driven challenges. I co-produced some lessons with content partners such NASAGoogle and Disney.


Starting in 2014  I co-created Pixar in a Box alongside Tony DeRose (short CBC interview or long Podcast) and a handful of others.  It is an initiative to create free interactive courses which demonstrate how concepts (math, science, art & writing) are used in the filmmaking process at Pixar. Think of it as an interactive behind the scenes featurette.

In 2017 I began a collaboration with IEEE to communicate the ideas behind key academic papers. (link coming soon).

In Jan 2017 I became more involved in some investments in the bitcoin/blockchain sector.

3 Responses to “Brit Cruise”

  1. adrian vedady Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Glad you enjoyed the show at last summer’s jazz fest in Montreal.


  2. Wakan Tanka Says:

    Many thanks for your great work. Keep on rocking.

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